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Removes all ads on the site.

Advanced Search

Additional advanced search options are available, such as filtering by problems solved within the organization, and filtering by standard deviation of the difficulty contributions.


You can bookmark problems into up to 20 folders. Bookmarks can be used as a search filter and will be highlighted in the problems list.

Seeded Random Search

You can specify the seed for random problem search. The same seed will always produce the same problem list.

Difficulty Streak Graph

You can display the highest difficulty solved for each date on the streak graph.

and more features coming soon! is Run By Your Support, which has been a community service since its inception, is putting a lot of effort into developing and expanding the problem solving community.

Please help keep this effort going! Your donation will be used below.

Server Fees

It takes a lot of computing resources to provide stable service even with tens of thousands of rating calculations per day. Most of your donations are used to pay the server fees.

Supporting the Community is a regular sponsor of UCPC and SUAPC, and will sponsor other competitions as well as we can afford. A portion of your donation goes towards advancing the problem solving community.


You can raise the cost of problemsetting and operating expenses for the Grand Arena. It also helps to share's problemsetting capabilities with Arena organizers.

Supporting the Developer

Solved Company is ran by single person. Your support helps the developer spend more time with

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