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Black and White
Black and White
Life, like backgammon, is constant decision-making under uncertainty.
Condition Solved 3 or more problems in the Boardgame Cup
Time Unlocked
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Master 79brue 79brue1 year ago
Diamond IV chansol chansol1 year ago
Diamond II cologne cologne1 year ago
Ruby II cozyyg cozyyg1 year ago
Master gs18115 gs181151 year ago
Diamond V havana723 havana7231 year ago
Master jh05013 jh050131 year ago
Ruby III kipa00 kipa001 year ago
Ruby II pichulia pichulia1 year ago
Ruby V shiftpsh shiftpsh1 year ago
Ruby IV stonejjun03 stonejjun031 year ago
Ruby II topology topology1 year ago
Master utilforever utilforever1 year ago
Platinum I ydk1104 ydk11041 year ago
Master qwerasdfzxcl qwerasdfzxcl1 year ago
Ruby III hijkl2e hijkl2e1 year ago
Diamond V ufshg ufshg1 year ago
Platinum I hithere314 hithere3141 year ago
Platinum III ultmhoon21 ultmhoon211 year ago
Diamond I hjroh0315 hjroh03151 year ago
Gold I unknowncoder123 unknowncoder1231 year ago
Gold III hodudragon0405 hodudragon04051 year ago
Diamond IV urin6695 urin66951 year ago
Platinum V hoho4190 hoho41901 year ago
Platinum V uyk0329 uyk03291 year ago
Platinum IV hohoherb hohoherb1 year ago
Platinum V vanava vanava1 year ago
Gold I hopedream hopedream1 year ago
Platinum III vbder123 vbder1231 year ago
Platinum V hp3265 hp32651 year ago
Diamond I vector vector1 year ago
Diamond IV hsh8086 hsh80861 year ago
Platinum IV vyu vyu1 year ago
Platinum IV hun0108 hun01081 year ago
Gold IV w7qt w7qt1 year ago
Diamond IV hun3555 hun35551 year ago
Diamond V w8385 w83851 year ago
Diamond II hyjk826 hyjk8261 year ago
Platinum IV wansang93 wansang931 year ago
Platinum II hyoseok hyoseok1 year ago
Diamond II wapas wapas1 year ago
Diamond III hyperbolic hyperbolic1 year ago
Ruby V wbcho0504 wbcho05041 year ago
Gold V hyunjun372 hyunjun3721 year ago
Ruby V wider93 wider931 year ago
Platinum III iamgamja iamgamja1 year ago
Platinum V wildfire wildfire1 year ago
Platinum V icefalls icefalls1 year ago
Diamond V wizardrabbit wizardrabbit1 year ago
Diamond III imkavin43 imkavin431 year ago