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Record of the Stars: Chapter 3
Record of the Stars: Chapter 3
Participate as a rated contestant for 10 times in the Arena
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Platinum IV areian13 areian131 month ago
Gold II chocokart2 chocokart21 month ago
Gold III dongmin dongmin1 month ago
Gold I hunu_cho hunu_cho1 month ago
Gold V j13h12k14 j13h12k141 month ago
Platinum V mugamta mugamta1 month ago
Platinum III pauljjang410 pauljjang4101 month ago
Gold I rlatjwls3333 rlatjwls33331 month ago
Gold I starblitz starblitz1 month ago
Gold I sunoo0210 sunoo02101 month ago
Gold II toycartoon toycartoon1 month ago
Platinum V winterflower winterflower1 month ago
Platinum IV wsb1017 wsb10171 month ago
Platinum V zkuths12 zkuths121 month ago
Gold I dna_b dna_b26 days ago
Gold V doyun0324 doyun032426 days ago
Platinum V honghoker honghoker26 days ago
Gold I hopedream hopedream26 days ago
Gold III huzi2 huzi226 days ago
Diamond V ian0704 ian070426 days ago
Platinum I insuhkim insuhkim26 days ago
Platinum II j1u0n2y3 j1u0n2y326 days ago
Platinum V janjinjan0071414 janjinjan007141426 days ago
Platinum V jrdora jrdora26 days ago
Platinum V judgement judgement26 days ago
Platinum III kckyoung2 kckyoung226 days ago
Diamond IV kkkkkkkkfkfk kkkkkkkkfkfk26 days ago
Platinum IV ks2515 ks251526 days ago
Gold IV mingmingmon mingmingmon26 days ago
Platinum I osier_star osier_star26 days ago
Platinum V peterdo09 peterdo0926 days ago
Gold IV seodh0219 seodh021926 days ago
Platinum V ssong269 ssong26926 days ago
Diamond I teferi00 teferi0026 days ago
Platinum V usb9245 usb924526 days ago
Gold II 100_101_cpp 100_101_cpp26 days ago
Platinum V clickme clickme26 days ago
Gold IV dana0301 dana030126 days ago
Platinum IV fogvhdooz fogvhdooz25 days ago
Gold II hicience hicience25 days ago
Gold II jseaguy jseaguy25 days ago
Gold I nink2458 nink245825 days ago
Platinum IV rofn123 rofn12325 days ago
Platinum II dngnogu dngnogu25 days ago
Platinum III fermion5 fermion525 days ago
Diamond V jihwan_0319 jihwan_031925 days ago
Diamond V lkyxbar lkyxbar25 days ago
Diamond V spotky1004 spotky100425 days ago
Gold II tjdwns9574 tjdwns957425 days ago
Gold IV ydnactnim ydnactnim25 days ago