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Record of the Stars: Chapter 3
Record of the Stars: Chapter 3
Participate as a rated contestant for 10 times in the Arena
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Diamond V kangsm02 kangsm023 months ago
Platinum V kimbh0412 kimbh04123 months ago
Gold IV masterpiece0716 masterpiece0716 SET3 months ago
Diamond I menborong menborong3 months ago
Platinum V qkrrudtn23 qkrrudtn233 months ago
Platinum V scc9811 scc98113 months ago
Silver III stardust999 stardust999 SET3 months ago
Platinum III firework72 firework72 SET3 months ago
Platinum IV gnswldms2 gnswldms23 months ago
Gold I jayti007 jayti0073 months ago
Platinum II ljw1029boj ljw1029boj3 months ago
Diamond IV mj1000j mj1000j3 months ago
Platinum V osh8242 osh82423 months ago