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Arena: Top 100
Arena: Top 100
Participate as a rated contestant in the Arena and achieve a rank of top 100 or greater
Time Unlocked
HandleTime Unlocked
Platinum II grantzile grantzile3 months ago
Ruby III harinboy harinboy3 months ago
Gold IV jeongiun jeongiun SET3 months ago
Platinum V journeycherry journeycherry3 months ago
Gold III k910208 k910208 SET3 months ago
Diamond III khj20006 khj200063 months ago
Platinum IV kjs0320kjs kjs0320kjs3 months ago
Platinum I minchan_bae minchan_bae3 months ago
Diamond V mon_de2738 mon_de27383 months ago
Gold II newbie22 newbie223 months ago
Gold I panpan8 panpan83 months ago
Platinum III pww1101 pww11013 months ago
Gold IV qorckaqlc01 qorckaqlc013 months ago
Platinum I ryanson ryanson3 months ago
Silver II shk3115 shk31153 months ago
Platinum V sunyugwn sunyugwn3 months ago
Gold IV there2989 there29893 months ago
Platinum I yyyy7089 yyyy70893 months ago