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Spent 2022 with BOJ
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Platinum I specidiee specidiee1 year ago
Platinum V jhjeong0702 jhjeong07021 year ago
Diamond II sprout_429 sprout_4291 year ago
Platinum III jhkim97 jhkim971 year ago
Diamond V sr3gm sr3gm1 year ago
Platinum III jhp98 jhp981 year ago
Platinum IV ssol0319 ssol03191 year ago
Diamond II jhuni jhuni1 year ago
Diamond II stabilizer_h stabilizer_h1 year ago
Platinum V jih7368 jih73681 year ago
Ruby V starbow starbow1 year ago
Platinum II jihookang jihookang1 year ago
Platinum II statco19 statco191 year ago
Diamond II jihoon jihoon1 year ago
Gold I suby00 suby00 SET1 year ago
Platinum II jinik9903 jinik99031 year ago
Platinum I surung9898 surung98981 year ago
Diamond IV jjaewon9 jjaewon91 year ago
Gold I sysh0107 sysh01071 year ago
Ruby I jjang36524 jjang365241 year ago
Platinum III tae tae1 year ago
Platinum II jjangguzi jjangguzi1 year ago
Diamond II tae826 tae8261 year ago
Diamond V jjkmk1013 jjkmk10131 year ago
Ruby III TAMREF TAMREF1 year ago
Diamond II jk410 jk4101 year ago
Ruby V terrasphere terrasphere1 year ago
Platinum I 0203peter 0203peter1 year ago
Gold III jkungjk117 jkungjk1171 year ago
Diamond I thak00 thak001 year ago
Diamond IV 0917jong 0917jong1 year ago
Gold I joon0725 joon07251 year ago
Gold III thisstudy thisstudy1 year ago
Platinum I 0do 0do1 year ago
Platinum III jopemachine jopemachine1 year ago
Diamond II thxios457 thxios4571 year ago
Gold IV 123kbg 123kbg1 year ago
Diamond IV joseph0528 joseph05281 year ago
Platinum V tigerfrom2 tigerfrom21 year ago
Silver V 125_ryun 125_ryun1 year ago
Platinum V jrdora jrdora1 year ago
Platinum IV tjdals1771 tjdals17711 year ago
Platinum II 2cu1001 2cu10011 year ago
Platinum I js1044k js1044k1 year ago
Platinum III tjdnfls1234 tjdnfls12341 year ago
Diamond IV 39dll 39dll1 year ago
Diamond V jshyun912 jshyun9121 year ago
Platinum V tkddn5623 tkddn56231 year ago
Diamond IV 4hn6 4hn61 year ago
Diamond IV jsw1902 jsw19021 year ago