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The 1st AGCU Cup
The 1st AGCU Cup
Solved 2 or more problems in the 1st AGCU Cup
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Gold I jcy3589 jcy35891 year ago
Platinum IV traceoflight traceoflight1 year ago
Platinum II jgs03177 jgs031771 year ago
Diamond II tracy_hide tracy_hide1 year ago
Diamond I jh01533 jh015331 year ago
Diamond V ufshg ufshg1 year ago
Master jh05013 jh050131 year ago
Gold II uisha uisha1 year ago
Platinum IV jhk2721 jhk27211 year ago
Platinum III ultmhoon21 ultmhoon211 year ago
Master jhnah917 jhnah9171 year ago
Gold I uno950114 uno9501141 year ago
Platinum IV ji0513ji ji0513ji1 year ago
Diamond IV urin6695 urin66951 year ago
Diamond IV jihwan_0319 jihwan_03191 year ago
Platinum V usb9245 usb92451 year ago
Gold V jinhoftyu jinhoftyu1 year ago
Gold III usedupnote usedupnote1 year ago
Gold II jiyesung1227 jiyesung12271 year ago
Platinum IV ushape ushape1 year ago
Platinum III jiyoz jiyoz1 year ago
Master utilforever utilforever1 year ago
Gold I jk9169 jk91691 year ago
Platinum IV uuiip7878 uuiip78781 year ago
Gold II jkb1115 jkb11151 year ago
Platinum V uyk0329 uyk03291 year ago
Platinum III jmseo1204 jmseo12041 year ago
Platinum V vanava vanava1 year ago